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I am currently in my final semester studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Fashion Design) and Bachelor of Business (Marketing). This double degree has allowed me to develop both my creative design skills and analytical business sensibilities, both of which I would like to pursue in my future career endeavours. 

My work is fundamentally driven by a passion for innovation. My interest in design extends across all disciplines, many of which I draw upon to inspire my fashion works. However, I am primarily excited by fashion, its role within past and present society as well as its endless possibilities for the future. 

Through my design work I enjoy exploring inventive and ambitious processes of conceptualisation and construction. I have recently taken a particular interest in technological textile development using laser cutting and 3D printing, both of which I have experimented with in my graduate fashion collection. Despite my creative work with design detail, I pride myself on being an analytical and strategic 'big-picture' thinker, with my decisions driven by greater business objective/s. 

I am particularly fascinated with branding as a marketing tool to utilise the psychology of fashion and consumer behaviour theory to increase value-propositions. My summer exchange program to Paris fostered this interest as my studies were focused on luxury and heritage fashion branding. 

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